Chivalry : Is It Dead Or Alive? Essay

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Chivalry: Is it Dead or Alive? Chivalry has been a questionable topic throughout the years on whether it is alive or dead. Chivalry is a type of behavior that is projected mostly by men or the world in a respectful way towards a woman. Chivalry is still alive in this generation through various ways. Most men in this generation are always on an expedition of pleasing any woman he comes into contact with. One way a man honor a woman is by being a gentleman. Men are not in control of women as they were in the middle ages. Women are now more independent and breadwinners of this generation than back in the middle ages. Women of this current time are also more free of choosing what they wanted their life to consist of and who they wanted to have in their life.
As stated on Medieval Gender, in the Middle Ages, women rights were not the same as men. Medieval Gender states: “The role of a wife was very important and women were expected to tend to their husband’s needs at all times; the man, in turn, usually went out to work in order to earn the money needed to support the family”. Women were told to follow certain responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning, harvesting, and raising children. Women were not even allowed to go to school or even get paying jobs. Men were in control in every relationship. Women did have some rights as in rights to consent and the right to leave a marriage. But any man the woman was with, the man was still in charge. With these rights not being present…

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