Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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• The person that I chose for my biography project was Chinua Achebe. Chinua Achebe was an African author and an important figure in history because he shed light on the importance of African culture in his literary works.
• I chose this individual for my biography project because I enjoyed reading his book “Things Fall Apart.” I thought that this book was a very interesting read and hoped, in the future, that I would read some more of his books.
• Chinua Achebe lived during the post-colonial period in Nigeria when Britain granted Africa its independence. Achebe’s works were associated with the decolonization of Africa. In addition to this period, Achebe is also associated with the Negritude movement, which was created alongside Africa’s shift towards independence.
• Chinua Achebe was born Albert Chinualamogu on November 16, 1930 in Eastern Nigeria to parents Janet and Isaiah Achebe. Achebe grew up in a very religious environment, being exposed to both the Igbo and Christian traditions by his parents. Because Achebe came from a Christian background, it allowed him to attend schools such as Government College, which was a prestigious high school located in Umuahia, Africa. After graduating from college, he decided to attend graduate school at the Ibadan University, as a medical student, on a full scholarship. He soon realized that medicine wasn’t his passion, so he decided to study English literature instead. Because of his decision to switch his major, his scholarship…

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