Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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There cannot be change without someone fighting to keep things the same. In 1890’s Nigeria some members of the Ibo clan embrace this new change, while others, like the protagonist Okonkwo, sternly believe in the old ways of the clan. This is the setting for Chinua Achebe’s greatest novel, Things Fall Apart. One theme of this book is violence. Violence is shown to prove Okonkwo’s strength and dominance of the Ibo clan, but Okonkwo cannot defeat fate. Okonkwo has an excessive fear of being like his father,Unoka, so as a result, he begins at an early age to prove to his tribe that he is strong and brave. As a result, he becomes an aggressive, angry, violent man in trying to distance himself from his father. Okonkwo’s anger and violence causes him to commit acts that end up damaging his reputation. Just as the title of this novel suggests, Okonkwo 's downfall is caused by his inability to follow the mores of his culture and to adapt to colonization. His pride aids him breaking the mores of the clan. In great literature, no scene of violence exists for its own sake. Okonkwo’s behavior refers to be violent because he beats his wives, he kills a boy he loves as a son, and accidentally kills a sixteen-year old boy.
Frustration from a rough childhood leaves Okonkwo with much anger, making his wives an outlet for his violent behavior. The more he achieves, the less he enjoys it because his fear of failure is always there, reminding him that he must continually prove…

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