Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essay

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In Nigeria the Igbo people have a rich culture that not everyone who isn’t familiar with it agree. In the novel Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe explains the importance of gender roles is in the Igbo community. While both genders are respected they are yet not seen equally. While men have a higher role and are expected to succeed from the day they are born women are seen more as the helping hand in the family. In today’s modern day, the gender roles for Igbo men and women has not yet changed much.

In Nigeria they are all sorts of different culture but for the Igbo people, gender plays a big role in their community. Men are superior and well respected, but in the Igbo culture their success is measured by the number of wives one has and crops of yams. Chinua Achebe states, “ He played on the ogne. But he was not a failure like Unoka. He had three wives. And no he was going to take the idemili title, the third highest in the land. It was very expensive ceremony and he was gathering all his sources together” (Achebe 7). The main character Okonkwo, tries his hardest not to fall into the same steps as his father’s failure. In the Igbo culture a man that cannot support his wives and children is a disgrace to the community. A man cannot get married without being financially stable and being able to bid for wives and create a family. On the side of the women, their father sets the bride price for the men to bid on, the women usually don’t have much to say in the…

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