Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart Essays

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1. First Entry Things Fall Apart, a story by Chinua Achebe, is about a man named Okonkwo who has many achievements and lives in an Ibo village in Umfuona, Nigeria. The beginning of the book introduces the main characters including Okonkwo and his household. He has three wives and children with each of them. Okonkwo gained fame in his village from a wrestling match, respect from his titles in war, and money from farming; he is a leader in his Ibo clan. His success is driven out of his hatred toward his father who was not a strong man or a good farmer. This causes him great anger and makes him despise all things that his father stood for. The beginning of the novel is rather slow due to much detail written about day-to-day life in the clan although it is necessary to explain and compare the cultures because of the many differences between the Ibo’s way of life and our own. The great Okonkwo has been said to be a great war hero however we have not seen very much of his war side. The author writes with much detail and interrupts the story often with flashbacks making the the book a slower read. Most of the villagers are farmers with their main crop being yams. The people are dependent on yams for their survival, not only to sell and make money, but also for food. Their society and culture are centered around respect for their gods, personal deities and the earth. Because there are surrounding villages and clans the people must be prepared for war and defending themselves.…

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