Essay on Chinua Achebe 's Things Fall Apart And Globalization

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In Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, the Igbo experienced colonialism by the Europeans has deeply affected the Igbo’s lives in terms of changes in politic, social-culture and economic. After the 19th Century, post-colonial countries, including what is Nigeria now, are in the era of globalization, which is neither neo-colonialism nor imperialism, because there are significant differences between colonialism in Things Fall Apart and globalization in modern era. One of the political changes in the novel is before the Europeans colonize the Igbo; the legislature of the Igbo individuals is firmly identified with their religious convictions. While numerous nations have embraced an arrangement of the division of chapel and state, the Ibo individuals construct their administration with respect to the divine beings. For instance, when Okonkwo incidentally slaughtered a high school aged kid in Things Fall Apart (Achebe, pg. 124), the seniors were the ones who acted to uphold the discipline and look after request. In any case, the seniors are basically completing what their shrewdness lets them know is the will of the divine beings (Achebe, pg. 125), thus, he is exiled from his village for seven years. When the Europeans arrived, they changed the government including the law court to administer justice and as introductory of Western constitution. For example after Okonkwo returned, he notice that the white men have set up an administration court of law in Umuofia, where they…

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