Chinese Moms Are A Good Representation Of How The True World Is

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Chinese moms are a good representation of how the true world is, but it is not healthy to put a child in school through that amount of pressure. A Chinese mom is similar to a bucking bull in the scheme to motivate children. She gives her young child the reigns and hopes for the best for her children. Amy Chua explains in the article Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior how Chinese mothers have good intentions for their children, yet it is just a more strict and severe way of displaying it. In Mother Inferior? by Hannah Rosin, she believes that modern, Western mothers do not have the capability of being forceful and demanding as Chinese mothers do. A Western mother’s idea of a successful child lays in the hands of the child himself or herself. She believes that a Western child will find their own interests and way of motivation; moms are just another source of encouragement rather than a powerhouse controlling the child’s judgement. A tiger mom and a Western mom both have no equal grounds of strict and soft customs to balance out a child’s success rate. The common idea that a tiger mom and a Western mother share is the best interest and love they have for their children. A tiger mother has a different way of expressing that than a Western mom does. A tiger mother is quite harsh in judgement and criticism toward her child because she feels her child needs to excel in everything possible to have extraordinary qualities society will thank him or her for later. A Western mom, on…

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