Chinese Medicine : A Long And Rich History Essay

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Chinese Medicine has both a long and rich history going as far back as 1600 B.C., where Chinese caldrons were used to make “pills” and other herbal medicines. Generally speaking, this is where the root of Chinese culture influenced an epidemic of rare animals becoming nearly extinct (Shen-Nong). For this reason, it is crucial to pave way to more laws in regard to wealthy Chinese people who are increasingly causing an environmental disaster to millions of rare and endangered animals due to poaching for traditional Chinese medicine. Traditionally, the Chinese utilized rare animals as an important part of their culture. They did so through the use of medicine and witchcraft where animals increasingly became more sparse as time progressed, leading to the consumption of certain animals for said physical properties including a person 's health both medically and spiritually. In regard to who is involved and at fault, all of China and other countries such as Africa are to attribute. Often, southeast countries procure and sell animals through the black market, where illegal smuggling of the wildlife trade is occurring, descending endangered animals nearer to the brink of extinction. In response to these matters, current law and policy in China, which includes the People’s Republic of China, harbors many animals and plant species that have been increasingly threatened by illegal trade. In 1981, China was added to the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species and has…

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