Chinese Luxury Counterfeit Case Study

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In China, luxury counterfeit becomes the substitute good of luxuries because it acts as a perfect camouflage to prevent people who are unable or unwilling to pay for the real from being marginalized by the higher social circle. Nowadays, an increasing number of Chinese consumers rely heavily on look-alike luxury products to create self-actualization and fulfill their desired social identities. This paper primarily addresses how luxury counterfeits satisfy Chinese consumer’s identity desires and why counterfeits produce the same effect as real luxuries, which help elevate consumer’s social standing. This paper addresses the question by investigating several factors including ‘social conformity, conspicuous consumption, desired social status and Chinese “face” culture’s impacts on Chinese consumer’s decision to purchase counterfeits.’

In China, conformity plays an imperative role and it usually shapes and influences in the standards that people use to evaluate their purchase choices. Due to the uniqueness of traditional Chinese culture, the Chinese has their own understanding of luxury brand value, which is distinct from the views from Western cultures. In Western societies, instead of distinguishing themselves by using products with luxury brand logos, more people tend to establish their
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Consumers of fake luxury do not pay much attention to the quality of the product, but do concern more about the appearance of the counterfeit product. Low quality but look-alike counterfeits will not destroy the authentic luxuries’ perceived value as long as they provide a desired meaning transference. Therefore, although being discovered as users of counterfeit products will make them lose “face”, many Chinese consumers still choose to buy fake luxuries with famous brand logos and names to satisfy their

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