Chinese Immigration Analysis

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Lucas Dacosta 10/28/15
811 IS10Q

Chinese Immigration Task 3

Dear Hui,

I thought the streets were made of gold. I was misbelieved. It is not as easy as you think, Hui. The work here is very hard. I work all day building a railroad but get so little in return. But hey, its better than receiving nothing. I just wish all those things we thought were true. The people here don’t like us. Not even the other races of immigrants. Since I know you are curious I’ll start from the beginning. The boat. The boat was probably the best part. When I got on there were many different types of people. We slept on the floor. You could smell the people who didn’t make it. You could hear the screams of pain. Some
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At first the people were not very hostile in fact they were pretty nice. I walked down the streets looking for work and saw that they were hiring at a gold mine. There was a flyer on a tree. The flyer was fortunately in many different languages including Chinese. The flyer read: HIRING ALL IMMIGRANTS AT GOLD MINE. The directions had an arrow that eventually led to the mine. Once I arrived at the mine I saw that they were instantly picking people but randomly. So I went and stood in the middle and hoped for the best. 5 seconds later: I got picked! I was so happy and eager to work so they gave me a pickaxe and sent me down. That’s right, my first day and I already had a job! When I went down the mine there was a checkpoint and a register that asked me a question, he said “What is your name, Sir?” I replied with my poor English “Chin Bao.” He wrote my name down and sent me on my way.

Since I didn’t have any real place to settle I placed my luggage in the little cubby space I was given for my pickaxe. After that I instantly started to work. Work was pretty tough, I sweat a lot but kept going. When my day was over I found an alley way where there was a Chinese family living so I kindly asked if I could stay with them and they said yes, if I would share my food with them. So I did. I didn’t eat that day. For the next month it was like that. I didn’t for most of that
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So I went to go to the rail road. Most of the workforce on the rail road was Chinese. We were the best workers for that type of work. This is when everybody really started to hate us. There were China Town massacres and they hung some of us. We didn’t do anything about it because we are peaceful. One night an Irish man came in to my small room with a something they call a “baseball bat”. My heart was pounding. He was about to hit me but I grabbed my spoon and ran at him with it and hit him in the eye. I was much faster than this bulky guy. He

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