Essay on Chinese Immigrants From The Late Nineteenth Century

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Chinese Immigration

Immigrants from the late nineteenth century and those in present day both have come to the United States for one reason: freedom. Although they have come for freedom, either socially, politically or economically, their experiences in the United States contradict drastically. The Chinese immigrants from the 19th century were oppressed and excluded from American society, but as their participation in the economic life of the United States increased, so did their rights. In the late nineteenth century, immigrants fled from countries all over the world to seek new opportunities. One of the largest minority groups that came to America were the Chinese immigrants. Nearly all of the Chinese people settled in the west coast because they wanted to experience the economic opportunities America had to offer. Since a surplus of gold was found in California the Chinaman wanted to relocate to the United States to become rich. Eager to start their new life, thousands of people from China waited through hours of long lines in both a state of anxiety and excitement. Even though it was a difficult trek to move to the United States, ultimately it was even more strenuous for them to gain rights and assimilate into western society. As the Chinese immigrants tried to make money and adjust to American society, they became more excluded from the citizens of the United State. The Americans were outraged that the Asian foreigners were taking up their land and money. The…

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