Essay On The Qing Dynasty

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Could an entire continent be the cause of the downfall of one of the greatest dynasties? The Qing was a very isolated dynasty. One that thought very highly of themselves and low of anyone else. Could a push for trade cause the downfall of a country? The Qing was very restricted on trade. They always had to get the upper hand and would only trade with certain countries. Could an entire revolution cause a violent uprising in a country? The west was most responsible for ending Chinas dynastic rule due to their narrow-minded attitude and inability to negotiate. The British’s Economic Ego Was a Contributing Factor to The Collapse of The Dynastic Rule in China. The opium trade was an illegal trade that was the start of downfall for …show more content…
After the opium war the British had a treaty of which the Chinese were to sign. This was known as the treaty of Nanking the first of what many called the unequal treaties . The reason behind the name is because the treaty of Nanking did many things. It gave the British Hong Kong. One of china’s most important ports. It also made British citizens not subject to Chinese law. It allowed British citizens to reside in china. The British can trade whatever with whomever they please. China will also pay 20 million to the British government for “war damages”. British also got extra territorial rights . Because of this political treaty Chinese citizens became upset and those who weren’t weakened by opium caused a rebellion which cost the Chinese government even more money. It was not just that. The west also had taken over the city of Hong Kong. If you consider china’s geography a port is the most reasonable way for trade as mountains surround most of the country and when someone is to take on of those ports especially one like Hong Kong a city. The economy and trade within china most was declining. With the decline of trade in china many people again went poor. With the west trying to push china and get a better deal in the end they ruined their chances as the countries rule would end due to their political tyranny and

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