Chinese Cinderella Literary Analysis

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Composers have the power to create different worlds and new messages. The autobiographical novel Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah and the drama Across the Barricades by Joan Lingard demonstrate the hardships faced by individuals in difficult circumstances and their ability to escape to new places. In these texts the composers have developed the concept of new messages having the power to change an individual’s lack of acceptance in their world.
_In Chinese Cinderella, the protagonist Adeline is unwanted by her family and is only recognised when she wins something. "I was winning the medal every week and wearing it constantly. I knew this displeased by siblings, but it was the only way to make Father take notice and be proud of me." Yen Mah uses imagery to display the gain of acceptance within an uncaring family that she desires. Adeline winning and showing her medal off makes her sibling’s dislike her even more but is the only
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Her Father remarries a Eurasian woman who treats her father’s children bias to her own. Adeline is treated very badly at home by her siblings and by her parents. "She slapped me with the back of her hand against my other cheek. “Show-off! I’ll teach you to be so sneaky!” she screamed. Yen Mah uses emotive language to display her cruel step-mother Niang. This quote explains the relationship between her and her step-mother is full of hatred and that Niang’s brutal attitude towards Adeline. Adeline has to escape her horrific home life by reading. Adeline also loves going to school. “I read because I have to. It drives everything else from my mind. It lets me escape to find other world.” Yen Mah uses visual imagery to express that she has to escape from reality and creates her own world. Adeline finds her only refuge in her school friends and the world of literature.Yen Mah has the power escape reality to create new

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