Essay on Chinese Attitudes Of Homosexuality ( Ho )

1134 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Throughout human history, homosexuality or otherwise non-heterosexual actions or orientations were a common, albeit often small facet of life. However, when the predominantly homophobic Abrahamic religions of Christianity and Islam swept across the globe, conquering and colonizing lands and cultures far removed from their own, so too did their latent homophobia spread. In China, when parts of it were subjected to colonial British rule (among other powers vying for control in the region), the British’s homophobia became a norm in a move to appease the colonialists’ sympathies (Lau). This gradual change from a culture that was generally accepting of homosexuality to a culture that despised it lasted well into the era of Communist control of China. But, with the death of old Communist leaders like Mao Zedong and the gradual “opening up” of China to westerners and western ideas like capitalism, so too did this gradual shift occur in regards to Chinese attitudes of homosexuality (Ho). In the present day, though sex in general, let alone matters in regards to the LGBT community, are taboo topics of talking at tea tables, there is a steady paradigm shift in regards to attitudes towards homosexuality; one thereof moving the aforementioned topic from a nonverbal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” stance, to one of openness and tolerance of one’s orientation. In lieu of traditional sentiments, governmental policies, as well as colonial homophobia, a heterosexual union to reproduce children has…

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