Essay on Chinese And British Parenting Styles

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The preconceived notion we have regarding both the Chinese and British parenting styles are that they are both much stricter than how we parent as an American culture. They both are so far removed from our western way of life. It is a common notion that Chinese children excel in subjects like math and science, also that British children have far superior manners. “Chinese children really shine in their academic performance, particularly in mat and science” (p. 173 Heine, 2008) Each style has its firm stance in why they are correct in their style of parenting.

It was the famous psychologist John Locke that theorized that children were born with a blank slate in which parents and society easily transmitted their value and belief systems to their children. The contrasting point of view was upheld by Jacques Rousseau in which he positioned that children were all born to be ‘innately good’ at that it is up to parents and society to maintain and further teach the values inherent in children.

Parenting styles have been defined by Darling and Steinberg (1993) as a “constellation of attitudes that create an emotional climate in which the parent 's behavior are expressed” (p. 488). On the other hand, parenting practices have been defined as the “specific behaviors that parents use to socialize their children” (p. 127, Spera, 2005). Although some researchers have used “parenting style” and “parenting practice” interchangeably, others have suggested it is important to distinguish…

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