Chinese And American Education Systems Essay

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Today, education is an essential part of life. Education is seen by many cultures as the single most influential factor to success. The country with the largest population in the world, China, has a culture that sees the great importance of education. Many Chinese families decide that the best way to get education for their children is to pack up and move to a new country, like the United States. The availability of education to all in America is one of the main allures to Chinese immigrants. The Chinese and American education systems have many features that are unique of each other, and there are many challenges that Chinese students must face within both these systems.
The population of Asians in America, 74% of which is made up of immigrants, is the fastest growing among all minority groups (“Asian Americans”). Most of these immigrants are from China, and they all have their own reasons for leaving. They may come to escape the overpopulation, to find better paying jobs, or to give future generations an easier life. In 2011, 49% of Asian Americans were in higher education, as opposed to 28% of all Americans in higher education (“Asian Americans”). This clearly shows that Asian people find high value in education, and the easy accessibility of education in America would bring many immigrants.
The education system in China consists of attending primary school from ages six to twelve. Then, there are two levels of secondary school. Every student attends three years of the…

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