China's Economic Efficiency Analysis: Chinese Economic Development And Structure Problem

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Title: Chinese economic development and structure problem

China 's economy Efficiency Analysis
Problem of Chinese economic Structure
China 's economy high speed growth can be remained in the future ?

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China 's economy development China‘s Structure problem


After China economic revolution, everybody know Chinese economic have increased rapid . For example, after economic revolution , annual growth rate has more than 10 % . According to the view of the energy efficiency, we can know it is much lower then the efficiency of Chinese economic.China is the country which has the largest population in the world (The population is more than
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Since Chinese economic revelation , dual economic structure is not in continuous transformation along a smooth track .But often shows fluctuations, moved back repeatedly even to strengthen trend. In this context, does not consider that prices, nominal per people income gap and between the price and the per people consumption gap, the three indicators keeping growth. China 's Gini coefficient is far more than the internationally recognized warning line 0.40, and even the some Chinese also believe that rich and poor people income gap is too large.

2 Regional gap continues to widen

After the Chinese economic revolution, the gap was narrowing in the region. But after the 1990s, the "Eastern Club" income gap between the central and western regions is gradually expanding . 1978-2005 years the average GDP are 56%, 26% and 18% of the eastern, central and western accounting proportion . Under this structure that income level will be impact of consumer level . Between consumption level and consumption patterns of residents of different regions of the gap are not reduced,and also gap have relatively widening trend . China regional disparities is more higher than other 114 economies in the world over past 30 years . The growth gap is highest in the
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The fundamental problem that China 's economic growth is an extensive way. Economic growth mainly depends on significant investment of resources, resulting in a large waste of resources. And this extensive mode of economic development also resulted in our product structure, technology import and export severe structural imbalance in all aspects . Final result of its development will lead to a sharp deterioration of the environment. If China has a good market economy, changed now that the extensive economic growth mode, then it will continue to promote the advancement of technology, to continue to develop new resources and improve resource utilization, achieve efficient allocation of resources in this case, the phenomenon of resource constraints will really

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