China 's Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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In China there are currently 500,000 people being detained without charge or trial. China also holds the most executions out of any country in the world. Though the exact number of executions is classified by the state, but an estimate of 3,000 executions were made in 2014 alone ( & Ever since the Communist Party of China took control of the government in 2012, the Chinese government has locked down on citizen’s rights and violating their privacy. Those who speak out against the government are subjected to arbitrary arrest, torture, and death, which is a violation of articles nine, five, and three. In general, the government is restricting the rights of expression and opinion, especially through media. Those who are persecuted are granted either no charge or trial, or an unfair one. Some are held in detention centres, where they are liable to torture, and in worse cases, death. China’s blatant ignorance to the UN General Assembly’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights is creating a turmoil inside and outside of the country, disarray spreading everywhere. To strip the human of (his) basic rights is a violation of many different articles in the UN General Assembly’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When man is repressed on his ability to have the rights of expression and opinion, which is guaranteed in Article nineteen, and is persecuted for it, then there is an issue. It is an outright contravention of everything this declaration…

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