China 's Rise Is The Most Pressing National Security Challenge Facing The United States

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China’s rise is the most pressing national security challenge facing the United States in the next 5-10 years, because it would undermine the American hegemony as the foundation of the world order. The most influencing factors in this interpretation are the recent events regarding the use of instruments of power, the application of the theories of world politics and the use of historic analogies to foresee the future in the medium term. Because of this assessment, the course of action recommended for addressing is the balance of power.
From the realist perspective, the rise of China as a regional hegemon in Southeast Asia erodes the power of the United States as the global hegemon. According to Mearsheimer, a state’s power is a function of its military forces compared with rival states. America has been acting as the world police after the end of the Cold War to maintain the current order. As a result, in the last years the war against terrorism consumed a significant part of its military power. Because of this, American economy invested resources to support the war machine and the humanitarian aid in the affected countries. However, domestic issues as the unemployment rate are pressing the policy makers to reduce the military, cancel advanced weapons programs and reconsider the deployments abroad. Meanwhile, the Chinese economy grew in an impressive way. The government of the Asian Giant is committed to recovering its traditional presence as the great…

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