Essay on China 's Rise As An Economic Power

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China’s steady rise as an economic power is likely to be the biggest challenge facing the United States(U.S.) and other world powers of the 21st century. In 2014, China overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest economy in terms of purchasing power, the first country to surpass the U.S. since it became the world’s largest economy in the late 19th century. This economic rise is likely to be paired with China’s desire to have greater power and control, although how China accomplishes this is debated by theorists of international relations. While realists believe the lack of a central authority makes conflict inevitable and liberals believe economic interdependence, international organizations, and domestic circumstances mean that China will cooperate, constructivists suggest China will act differently towards states according to their social relationship and postmodernists argue that there is more to the story than we may immediately see.
In line with the realist school of international relations theory, China’s increasing economic and geopolitical power will negatively impact the U.S.’ relative power as it becomes more aggressive in asserting power and grows militarily because of the anarchic state of the international system. Because there is no central authority governing states actions, there is no incentive for states to join or cooperate by the standards of international organizations, as shown by the Chinese Foreign Minister Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang calling…

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