China 's Rights Of Human Rights Essay

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There is a time bomb that is ready to go off, possibly within our lifetime; this device is construct-ed not by terrorist but by an ever increasing world population. In an effort to combat its popula-tion problem, China has promoted policies with the intent of slowing down the growth rate of that nation’s approximately 1.3 billion people. The population policies that are being adopted raise fundamental issues concerning human rights.
Does a government have the right to place limits on the size of the family through official poli-cies? The answer to that question is No! The Peoples Republic of China’s adoption of a “Two Child” and its predecessor the “One Child” policy is a violation of basic human rights. Support of this claim will come from sources of international law, such as the United Nations and how Chi-na enforces its official policy. China’s counterclaim will be based on that country’s internal poli-cies concerning sovereignty as well as observations concerning human rights abuses by other na-tions.
Basic Human Rights
Basic human rights are rights that every human being is entitled to regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation. Basis for these rights are found within the charter of the United Nations (of which China is a member), treaties, customs and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Ar-ticle 1 stating “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (What Are Human Rights). These rights include but are not limited to the…

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