Essay on China 's One Child Policy

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“Our economy only works as well as it does now because we are borrowing from the future, using up resources at an unsustainable rate.” (Page 5) This quotation from an article, “Here’s why China’s one-child policy was a good thing”, comes up with a serious environmental problem that limited resources are not enough for human beings to use in the future. As economy growing, environmental pollution always becomes the most serious problem in the world. Growing population requires an increasing demand of resource, and addresses an exacerbating of pollution, especially global warming due to increasing greenhouse gas. The author of this article, Sarah Conly, started this article with the latest news that China has announced that one-child policy is abolished. This change not only pleased people around the world who were concerned about the family affected by the one-child policy but also brought out a question: is it really a good thing? This question was not easy to argue. So, Sarah chose to make a counter argument first that one-child policy has actually violated human rights by forced abortions and sterilizations, which was supported by the majority of the public. Then, Sarah introduced a fact that human beings reached the population of 7 million in 2011 that China contributed 19 percent of its. The resources on earth are limited, but the population kept going as usual. The resources on earth are limited, but the population kept going as usual. When the supply-demand…

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