Essay about China 's International Trade Today

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China Overview Currently, 45% of world 's undernourished reside in India and China (Munesue 12). At present China’s population is 1 billion 300 million and of this 163 million people are classified as undernourished (Munesue 11 & China Population (live) 2016). It’s population makes up almost 20% of the world population (China Population (live) 2016). Although the country has a high rate of food security presently, it has been higher in the past. China used to be a fully communist country that was isolated from most of world, the non-communist part. The country was previously closed off to the rest of the world, but it has been open to international trade since the 1970s and currently plays a central role in international trade today (Thomas 2). China is not classified as self-sufficient, but rather a net importer and it is currently a large net importer of grain (Thomas 2 & Wei 8).

Pollution in China Although cereal yields have greatly improved within the last few decades, there have been large losses in productive arable land (Wei1). China has about 9 million K^2 of land available (China Population (Live)). Much of the land has been developed for urban living as the majority of the population has shifted from rural life to urban life (Thomas 6). The amount of arable land in China is below the redline of 120 million hectares (Thomas 2). Industrial pollution and waste have been a key factor in large losses of productive arable land (Thomas 4). As much…

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