Essay about China 's Human Rights Violations

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China has faced many human rights violations, such as freedom, speech and many more. For example, China has trouble protecting the rights of their own people. They have human trafficking still, and they’re government isn’t protecting their people. “Victim got to hug his father and little sister for the first time in years.” “After being taken away from his family through child trafficking.” It took they’re government to find them after 24 years to find one person who was missing. “Sold children for sex and to gain money is a huge business in China.” Again China failed to stop or even start a movement to promote the protection of children. Kids here are not looked after properly. “After the 28 yr. old Chinese man was taken at vegetable market in province.” “He was sold to a family that lived on the east coast of China.” It was thousands of miles away.” Even adults in China can be taken away against their will. China needs to crack down on their security and make sure that their people are safe as possible. Also China seems to think it’s okay to just snatch people off the streets without a trace. For example “Recently, inside the country of China people have been getting scared because they have been taking people.” People are pretty much always under stress and constant fear. Then the authorities in China’s northern region of Mongolia arrested just around 31 gang members and saved 14 prisoners, 11 of them were from Myanmar. Out of all Burmese prisoners or victims, there…

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