China 's Growth And Growth Essay

1801 Words Jan 19th, 2016 8 Pages
Throughout the last few decades, China has undergone rapid growth and urbanization, resulting in an expanding economy and GDP growth. However, with this growth, China has been titled the world 's largest polluter, accounting for the majority of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. China 's investment in green technology and renewable energy has made notable progress towards reducing pollution levels and preventing climate change, transforming the nation 's future. Granted, many other factors have led to China becoming the world 's largest investor in renewable energy. As with any investment, China has experienced, and continues to face various challenges ahead. Nonetheless, China has set many goals that will require determination, progress, and resilience to achieve. China has faced several impetuses towards their investment in renewable energy and green technology (energy sources which cannot run out, and do not hinder environmental health), the most notable being pollution. Yearly, air pollution kills 1.2 million Chinese citizens. Several large cities are blanketed in smog-filled air, with unhealthy P.M (particulate matter) levels. This smog has led to factories closing, as well as driving being banned at times. In 2007, China was named the world 's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Coal, China 's primary source for energy and heat, is a heavily depended upon fossil-fuel, being non-renewable. China 's nearly omnipresent smog has resulted in citizens,…

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