China 's Foreign Relations With The Sun And How We Are Impacted By It

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without the help of the russian scientists who made this technological feat possible. we now have the technology to study the way we get radiation from the sun and how we are impacted by it. we are also very fortunate to be able to have a telescope that can be able to see as far as it can go and we are able to see other galaxies that we would not be able to see without the start of sputnik I.

Zhou Enlai or Chou En-Lai was born on the 5th of March, 1898 in Huai’an, Jiangsu province in china. He was a leading figure in china for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and also played a major role in the chinese revolution and later in his life he would conduct china 's foreign relations. Zhou Enlai was born to a noble and rich family but his family got poor very fast into his childhood. He lived with his uncle where he would receive schooling. Once he finished schooling and came back to “May Fourth Movement” from 1917 to 1921. he was arrested and sent to jail. after his sentence he left for France under a work-and-study type of program. It was in france that he learned about communism and made a lifelong commitment to the communist cause. He later became a organizer for the Chinese communist party in Europe after its founding in shanghai on july of 1921. a few months in england, he studied in germany. zhou returned in 1924 to china and joined the military under Sun Yat Sen, who was then cooperating with the communists. after the northern expedition started, zhou…

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