China 's Expansion Into The South China Sea Essay

980 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
China’s expansion into the South China Sea, as well as their advancements such as the production of a fifth-generation fighter platform, has led to a power-vacuum in the Pacific that the United States and her partners will have to counter in order to maintain control and economic prosperity of the region. Therefore, it is integral to future sustainability of peace that the United States will have pursue economic bilateralism continue to deter conflict through the building of strong military partnerships across the region.

Moreover, According to America’s Strategic Response to China’s Military Modernization by Ashton B. Carter, current Secretary of Defense, “China will continue to develop its military power parallel to its growing economic and political power” (Harvard Asia Pacific Review). Therefore, the United States Air Force, in order to counter the emerging threat, must continue to develop its military-to-military partnership with China. Consequently, China’s strengthening and augmentation of its economy allow China to develop technology that will challenge USAF superiority of air, space, and cyberspace. Henceforth, Secretary Carter states, “[improving] capabilities are central to China’s efforts to credibly threaten Taiwan and prevent or counter a possible US intervention” (Harvard Asia Pacific Review).

Therefore, it is critical that the United States continue fostering stronger relations with other powers in the area. For example, countries such as: Japan, Thailand,…

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