Essay on China 's Current Economic Condition

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As Yum Brands excels upward and onward into Chinese markets, the expansion of its most recent venture will hold a testimony to past experiences. China’s current economic condition serves as a refinement ground for launching an opportunistic set of goals. With large and expanding middle class, on the go life style, and modernization of its many cities, an investment in China will see profitable gains, and well-built customer base. China is currently seeing rapid growth in the middle class sector; wages and labor are becoming contenders in the hiring process of challenging managerial careers.
Implementing into Chinese markets will take intestinal fortitude, hard work and sacrifice; however, with the proper guidance and skill execution, an investments into China will not only be labor intensive but an investment of good economic sense, this will prove to be one investment Yum Brands chooses not to regret. Yum Brands will have a competitive edge among the market; many Chinese are families are already familiar with our products, and looking to see them coming abroad. Furthermore, as China’s middle class rises, Yum Brands will be on the cutting edge of the Chinese faster pace lifestyle, and will be able to captivate many customers by our world class products. With a strategic marketing base platform Yum Brands can infiltrate unforeseen market territories, provide and serve.
A proficient understanding of distant markets, foreign operations, and external supply chains will…

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