China 's Control Population Growth Essay

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China 's efforts to control population growth has led to many issues. The government 's One Child Policy was the cause of the many issues within the population such as decline in birth rates, unequal sex ratios, gender imbalance, and population growth. In China’s efforts to control population growth, sex selective abortion cases have increased.
Consider the 2011 murder of a seven month old baby. In Beijing, a woman was seven months pregnant with her second child when several people entered her home and took her away (Denyer). Her husband followed the group to the hospital. There, the group ignored the medical advice. Then without consent, they forcefully put a needle into her stomach. “They grabbed my wife’s body like they were grabbing a pig, four or five people holding her hands and legs and head, and injected a shot into her belly” (Denyer). Hours later, the woman gave birth to their dying child. The baby was later put into a plastic bag and the husband was instructed to pay a small amount of money in order to bury their child on a nearby hill (Denyer). This incident was a direct reflection on how the Communist government punished the citizens of China for not following their direct orders that were put in place under the late One Child Policy.
The One Child Policy was first introduced in China in 1979 as a means of population control (“China Decides”). The one child policy directly put a strain on family planning in hopes to control population growth. In fact, “It is…

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