China 's Century? Why America 's Edge Will Endure Essay

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Olga Dye
International Relations POLS
Summer, 2016
Continuous Superiority of the United States: Interdependence of the World’s Two Leading Economies
Article Title: “China’s Century? Why America’s Edge will Endure”
Author: Michael Beckley

Introduction (author’s thesis, my thesis)
The author attempts to confront an idea that China is surpassing the United States in economic growth. As a result of globalization the United States maintains its hegemonic status in international politics. Despite recovering from the financial crisis of 2008, at the time of writing this article, the author predicted that the United States will be able to sustain its leading position over China within the nearest future. The author compared the prospective of the two countries based on the most essential economic resources, that are intended to measure the prosperity of the country, such as GDP, military capabilities, population growth, innovation, and education. The data presented allowed the author to make an assumption that the United States continues to be the leading economy. While living in Russia, back in 2010, I had a strong belief that the economy of China will eventually surpass the United States, and the Russian economy will benefit from the cooperation of Russia and China. Looking over these years in retrospective, I realized that unless China makes great changes in its domestic policy, the overall…

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