China Has A Benevolent Dictatorship Essay

1332 Words Oct 6th, 2015 6 Pages
China has a benevolent dictatorship. One where to the outsider looking in, human rights are promoted, yet inexistent. These rights include, but are not exclusive to, civil, political, economic, social, and cultural freedoms set forth by a ‘code’ that is acknowledged worldwide. Many of these ‘rules’ of conduct are stimulated by America’s civil rights department reports as well as independent organizations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Additionally, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set forth by the United Nations in 1948, made it each signatory states’ prerogative to strive for total contentment for the citizens. China receives many raps against its tunnel-vision view on its human rights issue because China choses to focus on economic and social prosperity as having a snowball effect on the well-being of all. With this method in mind, China lacks respect for the individual. Lacking to realize that each and every person deserves his or her own freedoms to ensure comfort and prosperity. China violates many ‘should-be’ established rights like: unruly death penalties and mortality rates, human rights activist are constantly being harassed, repression of internet freedom, lack of representation from all sides in a trial, persecution of religious affiliations, deprivation of independent trade unions, and discrimination against women. A complicated change of mindset for China would cause for reevaluation for these issues. China receives a C- for its…

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