Essay on China And Us Antidumping Polices

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3.5. China and US Antidumping Polices

China has seen quick growth in exports market and increasing pressure in global market set ups. US have seen China as the Non Market Economy, and it still holds the same viewpoint for larger part of the things. Similar feelings have been cornered by European Union too. China’s trade polices show quite an ineffective legal defenses as well as minimal concentration ratio in various industry set ups, resulting into resistance in coordination and their resistance to such measures becomes very difficult. Chinese global industries show a variety in their disparity, in case of anti-dumping, and quite often such measures are reactive in many ways whatsoever. The possible reactions include refocusing their activities of production in domestic market lines, substantial enhancement of products in their countries. China also uses the alternative production policy, wherein it produces alternate products and avoids production of foreign trade barriers leading to several issues.
In many situations, China as Non Market Economy can also carry out alternative tricks to resolve disputes by going out of the way for agreements over price undertaking. And finally in most of extreme conditions, close down of production line and making exit from the market.
It is evident here to understand the importance of Chinese industries and their needs for anti-dumping actions. This happens to be one of the key elements in entire policy debate as the actions taken…

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