Connection Between China And The Brazilian Amazon

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(a) What is the connection between China and the Brazilian Amazon? (2 points)
Chinas growing population has caused an increase in demand for food products including meat. The increase in demand for meat has caused Chinese cattle herders to increase the number of animals that graze on the available grassland. This increase has caused significant overgrazing and loss of available land used by herders. The loss of available grazing land has facilitated the transition to including more chicken and pork into China’s diet. However, China cannot produce enough soybeans to make the feed for these animals. In response to the lack of soybeans, Chinese farmers are outsourcing their soybean production to Brazilian farmers. In order to meet the Chinese
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In oceans around the world industrial overfishing is having a serious impact of ocean biodiversity. These ships have the ability to bring in over a million pounds of fish a day and do all of the processing onboard. This massive amount of catch is having a negative effect on the worlds fisheries where animals are reaching endanger levels. While processing these fish those that are not marketable or desirable are killed and tossed overboard. One quarter of everything that is caught in the ocean is tossed back amounting each year to fifty billion pounds of fish being wasted. Another factor is climate change that can cause the mass extinction of species that live in or near the ocean. Global warming is beginning to warm the oceans effecting the thousands of organisms that depend on the oceans season to guide their life. An example of this whale and their migratory patterns and the practice of mating. Whales depend on the oceans temperature to guide their migration preferences. The rising temperature of the sea could cause these whales to be unsure of where to migrate causing them to be unable to meet in large numbers for mating season. In Japan, it is legal to hunt and capture or kill dolphins. These animals are cornered by fisherman where the ascetically pleasing one are sent to aquariums and the rest are slaughtered for meat. The practice is …show more content…
Lake Okeechobee in the Florida everglades has been polluted from all the agricultural land that has replaced much if the everglades. Farmers on these plots of land have been dumping agricultural runoff that is full phosphorus in the lake. The increase in these chemicals has cause one species of plants to take over the available land surrounding the lake. Cattails grows so thick that animals cannot travel through it. This causes animals that depend on the lake and its surrounding land to begin to decline. While this problem is rampant in the area, at the Williamson ranch farmers have discovered a way to combat this growing problem. By taking this runoff and diverting onto the property these farmers create a small sanctuary for local animals. This helps combat the decline on the animals in the area that surrounds the lake. In addition to providing a sanctuary for local animals, the runoff used for this is filtered through the ground and is returned Lake Okeechobee free of pollutants. If implemented by farmers in the region this procedure could drastically improve conditions for local

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