China’s evolving geopolitical role and its participation in the WTO.

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Critically analyze China’s evolving geopolitical role and its participation in the WTO.

China’s evolving Geopolitical Role:


In terms of geopolitics, it was been observed that China is among the three great powers, beside the United States and the European Union. According to O. Tuathail, 1996; Agnew, 2009, critical geopolitics intends to understand world politics in terms of the ways in which elites and publics actively construct the spaces of political action that are then the medium for the policies of states and other factors. At its current rate of economic growth, China, though still considered a developing country as it’s GDP per capita is still far lower than the world average (Fig.1), is climbing up the
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“While Japan and the US have remained close partners since the end of World War II, the US has recently made increasingly strong gestures of crafting a political-military partnership with India. This is best illustrated by the signing of a civilian nuclear-power accord with New Delhi in December 2006, as well as offering, for the first time, to sell India advanced fighter jets and anti-ballistic missile defenses.” Richard Carney and Richard A. Bitzinger for RSIS, 2007
In terms of geopolitics, Europe will probably not oppose China’s expansion and/or influence, especially since a growing military force is no direct threat to Europe and its security. On the other side, relationships between the Unites States and Japan are better than ever before and therefore Japan is willing to ally with the US and India, provided this will result in normalizing its international standing. China’s provocative attitude towards it’s neighboring islands, its recognized global stance and its unparallel military force make it a great threat to those who are against it and only time will tell whether or not there will be gunfire. One can hope that as soon as the US, India and Japan form an alliance; China will lose its aggressive approach.

China’s Participation in the WTO

Roughly one year ago, on he 11th December 2011, China celebrated its 10-year anniversary of being part of the World Trade Organization. It took 15 years of struggle, however, after the

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