Chin The World 's Largest Economy Essay

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An interesting fact about China is that China overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest economy in the year of 2014. Which is probably the reason why China and the United States are not allies but they are not enemies either (Sengupta, “U.S. and China “). It is easier to say that the two countries are in a competing standpoint on which one is more powerful than the other. But China does have a strong relationship North Korea, but with North Korea being so isolated it is hard to give advice to them from China. China has been having political/international issues that either concerns itself or its allies. The actions that China chooses to do impacts major countries like the U.S. which also affects its ally North Korea which all gets traced back to the United Nations.
One of the many struggles that China has is having a neutral relationship with America but some situations the two can agree with. It is not odd to see that two of the most powerful countries in the world are not really at mutual standpoint because one of them wants to be the best country. At one point, America used to have the strongest economy, but now China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world now. That is the start off of why China and America have a competition type of relationship (Huang, “Yan Xuetong”). “There will not be a direct war between the two sides, because they are both armed with nuclear weapons. The problem now is that the two are not willing to admit that they are in competition.…

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