Chin The Right Of Freedom And Expression Essay

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China is one the many upcoming super powers in the world, yet they seem to be the only one who is having a hard time implementing justice and government with the advancement of technology. The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications was in charge of online communication interactions on the domestic level, but after the year of 2000, has been more open to foreign intervention. From the start of this economic, and internet expansion, the CCP has constantly set guidelines for licensing and strict policies in order to ensure safe and secure usage of the internet. In terms of international security for internet usage, the Ministry of Public Security has implemented an article regulating the intentions of China’s view towards the public’s display of information. In China, the right of freedom and expression allows citizens to speak freely about issues that they agree or disagree with by utilizing the internet, media, news, etc. These rights are affected by both domestic issues, as well as, international issues. However, because China is a Communist country, they have a tendency to strictly limit their citizens freedoms and privacy in order to prevent deviant social behavior from arising. This right or privilege, is supposed to protect the government from controlling the outlook of the populace. They have proven time and time again to not uphold promises to human rights. They signed the ICCPR in 1998, and yet still have not ratified it. The ICCPR, as we all know, contains many…

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