Essay about Chin A Patriarchal Social System

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China has been based on a patriarchal social system, within this man held the primary power. They were the heads of households and the ones who made the important decisions around the household. Women within China were often classed as less worthy as men; as a result they were many times subject to large amounts of slavery (Dougherty, 2006, p.6). Suiming (1999) concluded that women within China were divided into the following sections: wives, concubines, servants (slaves), nuns and whores (as cited in Dougherty 2006, p.5). The women who would take part in prostitution and the sex work would be the “whores” in the fifth class. Manling (2006) talks on the topic of how the whores in China would provide service to anyone from the poorest men to well off men (as cited in Dougherty, 2006, p.6). The poorest men would go to the whore huts within the red light district; these men would be looking for the “rotten whores” (Dougherty, 2006, p.6). Brothels would be available for middle class men wanting to get sexual services (Dougherty, 2006, p.6). As for the girls they would be average, they didn’t have the highest regard in the sex world but they weren’t at the bottom either (p.6). The highest types of prostitutes were the ones that worked out of mansions. Surprisingly, they were considered some of the most skilled women within society. A married man in China was allowed to engage in sexual activity with his concubine or slave girls (Dougherty, 2006, p.6). Yet, he could not…

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