Chin A New Concept Of Space And Form Essay

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However, when this building begins to construct, it suddenly becomes the most controversy building in the China and around the world.
People are criticizing that foreign architects had washed away the Chinese culture in their designed. "Western architects bring a new concept of space and form, but it is difficult to say they have taken root in China because of the totally different culture," said by Zhu Qi, an architect from China Art Academy. (China Daily)
Some Chinese architects argued that "What is Chinese tradition? The tradition has always been a process of absorbing new foreign concepts and ideas," (Zhu Qi). The chairman of SOHO China Co Ltd., Pan Shiyi said, "The cost of those avant-garde designs might be higher, but they are well accepted by the market."
According to China Daily, Rem Koolhaas said, “China was in a period of rapid change and transformation which Western societies had already experienced. Many Western architects are better equipped to express this transformation in architectural language. Architecture means synthesis, not invasion.” Koolhaas’s idea of the architecture is synthesis is similar to the idea of post-modernism, which I think it is a culture preserve movement, which help the people more accept to get foreign architect to design the building. Koolhaas was also hope that the New CCTV headquarter can open Chinese architects’ way of thinking and bring new ideas to China.
However, in November 2014, the Financial Times conducted a survey in…

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