Essay about Chin A Democratic Capitalist Society

999 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
China: A democratic capitalist society but with a dictatorial electoral and institutional structure. Its system and processes of elections are the most complex ones which system is founded by Marxist ideologies. This system is one of the things that China copied from the neighbor country Russia. So these two countries have common System and Structures that produced the same outcome for the both countries. Besides the system and structures, China was considered to be a Sleeping Giant: “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world” quoted Napoleon Bonaparte. Since then China have increased their power and is one of the elite countries alongside United States and Russia. The most of the systems and institutional structures that china copied from Russia produced the same outcomes as in Russia. The one outcomes that left millions people dead was when China stopped the imports of the goods from other countries that left millions of people starve to death. By this China increased the number of productions both in agricultural and industrial ways. The most complex System and Institutional structures inherited by Russian Political Regime, made China the biggest authoritarian state considering non-democratic regime. Even though we have China on the three decades ago being a democratic country on economic reforms, the country’s political regimes still remains to be authoritarian. In this essay I will discuss about the political institutions,…

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