Chin A Chinese Ideology Essay

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A native culture concept that is unique to East Asian Cultures is Xiao (Filial Piety). Xiao is a Chinese ideology that originated from the teachings of Confucius and is still relevant today in East Asian Cultures (Laidlaw, Wang, Coelho & Power 2009). Xiao does not have a clear definition, because the term is fluid and changes over time. Although China is rapidly changing based on urbanization, the practice of Xiao still remains detrimental in Chinese households. A clear definition of Xiao is to display respect to parents and elders by taking care of them and providing them with emotional and financial support (Ng 2002). Majority of the time the oldest son is expected to take full responsibility of providing parents with emotional and financial support. Since China has become more gender sensitive daughters are also taking on the responsibility of Xiao.
Xiao is a fundamental concept in the Chinese lifestyle, and plays a fundamental role in the values that East Asian individuals have. One of the values that Xiao helped establish in East Asian culture is the importance of family unity. Family is the building block in majority of East Asian cultures. Everything that a son or daughter does reflect on their family. For instance, if a daughter is disobedient in school, then her parents look like they do not discipline their daughter appropriately and their “face” is reflected off badly (Jien). In addition, Xiao holds great importance to young people who are choosing potential…

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