Chin A Better World Essays

1100 Words May 6th, 2015 5 Pages
Imagine a better world, one where we can finally help our economy, leadership and politics. China could help with that, not only with money but with our technology as well. Think about it, China has so many advancements and higher technology Alexander Graham says that ¨it makes us look like we’re back in the 1870’s when the first phone was invented.¨ We can use China on our side, and now that we’re beginning to be on good terms this really gives us a chance to improve. If we have China on our side then we can exchange ideas, products, food, anything that could lend a shoulder. People don’t understand that we need this, our surplus value is going down and the only country willing to give us a chance is China. We bring in Yuan for China they bring us dollars, it’s all about supply and demand, there’s nothing wrong with a little help. “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” Many Americans have argued that the United States should not be engaged in economic exchange with China so long. Reason being is because we fear that since China has been seen to have been abusing human rights on their people then they’d abuse our rights as well. Once again, the debate has put China’s human rights record on center stage in the U.S. Congress. In contrast, others argue that cutting off trade could worsen not only China’s abuse on human rights but other countries including ourselves. By granting full, permanent trade to China, it would voluntarily change it’s human…

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