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The 7 Cs of Human Caring
CARING is the vehicle through which nurses interact with patients and and assist them to cope with suffering, to find meaning in their experiences, to promote health and wellness and to die with dignity. CARING is action that nurtures; action that fosters growth, recovery, health and protection of those who are vulnerable. CARING is the empowering of those for whom care is given (Roach, 1997). CARING is the framework through which we as nurses implement the art and science of professional practice. 1. COMPASSION: Compassion means to be with another in their suffering. It is empathy and sensitivity to human pain and joy that allows one to enter into the experience of another. It is the understanding of whom that
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It is the belief that our skilled, professional presence can make a difference. Confidence is necessary to effectively implement the roles of the nurse as caregiver, teacher, counselor, advocate, leader, manager, and researcher. Confidence in our own ability to create CARING environments serves as a catalyst for change. Confidence empowers both ourselves and others

to define and accomplish goals. Confidence is developed through the successful utilization of knowledge and experience. 5. COMMITMENT: Commitment is maintaining and elevating the standards and obligations of the nursing profession and assuring the delivery of excellence in nursing CARE. Commitment is the loyal endeavor to devote ourselves to the welfare of patients. It assures that CARING will be part of every nurse patient interaction. It is a conscious effort to grow within the nursing profession through dedication to continuing education, life-long learning, and becoming more skilled, socially conscious, ethical, politically competent and CARING. 6. COMPORTMENT: Comportment is the professional presentation of us as nurses to others in behaviour, attitude, appearance, dress and language that communicate a CARING presence. It includes the need for self-awareness, awareness of impact of self on others, and accepting responsibility for our actions. This extends to responsibility for the healthcare environment and the behaviour of others who contribute to it. 7. CREATIVITY: Creativity is having a

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