Children 's Wellbeing And Adjustment Of Divorce And Marital Conflict Family Setting

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Children’s’ wellbeing and adjustment in divorce and marital conflict family setting
The society today is quick to warn parents about divorce and the negative implications of divorce for children both short term and long term. However no body tends to be concerned with the influence of marital conflict to the child’s wellbeing or so it seems. Therefore given the negative connotations attached to the child with the parents being divorced, is the child in a significantly better environment just because the parents are not divorced even if the family environment is conflict ridden? Are the child’s life outcomes and the child’s wellbeing better in a troubled marriage as opposed to outcomes with the parent being divorced?
According to Joan Kelly (2000) review of research on child adjustment in conflicted marriage and divorce, marital conflict is better predictor of a child’s adjustment than divorce or post-divorce conflict. She notes that prior research indicate that children who has observed marital conflict suffer academically and with externalizing and internalizing behaviour problems similar to those in divorced family environment,. High intensity fighting has been associated with more insecure attachment with infants and high intensity fighting has more externalizing and internalizing behaviour s than low intensity conflict (Kelly, 2000). High frequency conflict was also found to have a negative effect, and overly hostile conflict styles such as screaming were strongly…

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