Essay on Children 's Views On The Child 's Environment

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Introduction As children begin to develop, their early stages of growing up become crucial to their integration in to life. While the family and support system around children begin to shape the child’s views of life and themselves, it becomes imperative to give a child the proper rearing to cope in a society. As the child’s environment begins to play a big part of the integration into a society, many factors contribute to the way a child assimilates into life. Therefore, social systems begin to play a crucial role in the children to protect their survival through adaption and self-preservation and are interrelated and independent; human systems and their environments are intricately connected to one another (Robbins, Chatterjee, & Canda, 2012). Although children may have a strong support system it is also their childhood experiences that shape the way a child may manage their way through life. ACE (adverse childhood experiences) is defined by categories that can affect the child through abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction and play a significant role in the overall health, well-being, and social function (Larkin, Felitti, & Anda, 2014).

Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment and Development As Charlie is a young black male who is beginning to rationalize in life at the age of 6, many factors around him contribute to the way he is reacting and affecting his performance in school and at home. Since Charlie has moved out of his mother’s house do to her depressive…

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