Children 's Social Emotional Skills Essay

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To begin with, the important role that preschool teachers play in terms of “exerting strong socialization influences on young children and affecting their social-emotional learning in both formal and informal ways” has been clearly pointed out by scholars and experts. (Denham&Burton, 2003; Pianta & Stuhlman, 2004; as cited in Bierman et al, 2008). The Head Start REDI (Research-based, Developmentally Informed) program developed by Dr. Karen Bierman is specifically designed to enhance the social-emotional competencies of preschoolers. Bierman et al (2008) suggests that the Preschool PATHS Curriculum (Domitrovich, Greenberg, Cortes, & Kusche, 1999) can be implemented in the classroom to enrich the children’s social-emotional skills. The PATHS Curriculum provide the teachers with “guidelines on how to scaffold children’s learning during natural situations (teachable moments) in which the children experienced an emotional reaction or a problem with a peers” (Domitrovich et al, 2007). They believe it is essential for the teacher to first help the preschoolers build their emotional vocabulary before they can develop the ability to understand their own emotions and that of others. They suggested that the teachers can use visual materials, such as cartoon drawings with target emotions displayed on them to help the children build connections between the emotional expressions and the target feeling word. In Luke’s case, the teachers need to put effort in helping him recognize and…

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