Children 's Social, Emotional And Physical Development Process

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As children grow throughout infancy and early childhood their brains, bodies and minds are rapidly developing. As Social Service Workers, we will be exposed to individuals who experienced challenges throughout their social, emotional or physical development process that has created further challenges for them as their lives progressed. I believe the home environment parents provide for their child, the quality of caregiving a child receives and the parenting styles within the household all highly affect the child’s social, emotional and physical development process. Social development is a key part of the developmental process as it encourages positive interaction and promotes healthy relationships with others. Throughout infancy, children are highly dependent on their immediate caregivers and learn from what they are exposed to. Adults teach their children how to walk, how to talk, how to ride a bike and how to develop healthy relationships with others. The kind of relationship a parent has with their child will greatly impact the relationships their child will have in the future. It is extremely important to expose infants and children to positive social behaviour and to provide nurturing and caring responses in early childhood even through difficult times. As an article states, “…warm, sensitive, and responsive parenting promotes feelings of safety and security which provide children with the confidence to explore and engage with their surrounding environment.”…

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