Children 's Sex And Gender Essay

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Fear Mongering: Gender Dysphoria

After reading all of these articles, understanding the definition of fear mongering, purposefully creating public feelings of turmoil/fear over popular issue, and grasping the fact that there is nothing to fear when looking at transgender people as active, healthy parts of our society, it is clear the strengths fear holds over our society. The people in these articles used fear to manipulate others, they made others feel as if they were in danger, their values were in danger, or their children were in danger. All of these forms make people want to eliminate a possible threat, in this cause transgender people.

In Children 's Sex and Gender Should Not Be Reassigned by Gail Besse, children were the main drive of the article. Gail states many times that there is "No scientific evidence [that] supports the existence of gender dysphoria, "even though many doctor, scientist, and psychologists have proven the scientific existence of Gender Dysphoria (Besse, Children 's Sex and Gender Should Not Be Reassigned). Later contradicting the information provided by stating "The American Psychiatric Association calls the condition Gender Identity Disorder"(Besse, Children 's Sex and Gender Should Not Be Reassigned). Gail also tarnished the view of these people by describing them as "disturbed children", having "psychosis", and being "depressed", and "confused"(Besse, Children 's Sex and Gender Should Not Be Reassigned). These examples of fear mongering…

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