Essay on Children 's Safety And Discipline

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All across the world many private and public schools implement the use of uniforms. Some psychologist who say that the use of uniforms is a good tradition and a necessary tool, in order to maintain discipline and order of students in the educational institution, others say that it is a violation of the individuality of each kid and that the use is an that its utilization is an outdated habit (Wilde, 2016). There are many different opinions and points of view that support or counter argue this. In my opinion, the use of them is a way of protecting a homogeneous atmosphere of pride and loyalty among the student population.
The questions that came into my mind when writing this paper were: What comes first, the children 's safety and discipline? Or is self-expression more important? It seems that across the worldwide dress codes, uniforms are the controversial issue that is running through most schools. Some teachers and authorities feel that it will give equal status among students and its use won 't put down kids for their clothes (A1). In my opinion the reasons why we should be in favor of the use uniforms are that it reduces peer pressure and the feeling of competition, increases school pride, let students focus more on learning, promotes more discipline, provides a professional appearance, has a low cost (on the long run), and creates a more consistent and team oriented environment (A2).
Firstly, the implementation of school uniforms reduces the sense of competition…

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