Children 's Parental Rights Of Children Essay

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Have you ever thought what it must be like to, not only be abused or neglected by your parents, but also to be taken away from them and separated from your entire family? Well, this is normal life for more than 463,000 children who currently live in foster care ( These children not only get separated from their parents, but they also get separated from their siblings and other close relatives. Most of the time, these children have no idea what was going on, and don’t understand that what their parents had done to them was wrong because it’s the only thing they’ve ever known. Now, imagine what must go through their little minds as they think of never seeing their parents ever again, they must feel hurt and scared. Yes, it must be hard for a child to have to go through something so horrible like this, but it’s not any worse than having them get abused or neglected every day. Parents who abuse or neglect their children should have their parental rights completely taken away. There are so many different cases and types of abuse that happen on a daily basis that it can get confusing sometimes. So, what exactly is classified as child abuse, what can be done to prevent it, and how can we make it so those children who were sent to foster homes have a brighter future? Child abuse is a very serious matter, and it can take place it multiple forms. One form of abuse, probably the most common, is physical abuse. Physical abuse is trauma or physical injury…

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