Children 's Overall Mental And Social Development Essay

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Does not having both parents and being in single parent household effect the child? If so what effect would be caused in the child? As a single parent what are the most difficult things you have to deal with and how can these things effect your child 's overall mental and social development?

As a child of a single parent household. I have first hand experience of the effects of having only one parent to not only take care of me, but also show me and teach me about life and the correct choices that I should make in my life to better myself. Parenting is hard enough, but parenting by yourself as a single parent is nearly impossible. You want to do everything for your kid to have a flawless life, but the unfortunate news is that you can’t give them everything. Along the lines of helping your child in life as a single parent you are going to miss out on some important life lessons that your child is going to need. Simply because you can’t do everything or control everything for your child. Especially as they grow up and are more silent towards the parents.

As a child of a single parent. There are some challenges that come from being the only caregiver. These were noticeable factors that I 've seen in my mother. Like her being home when I needed her, she was not always home because of her being at work. My mother would often work all day to provide for my sister and I. This forces my sister and I to grow up faster, it taught us how to become independent, and how to take care…

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